The wisdom of the individual

Teaching old men to young people is not only a waste of time, but also impudence .
Each generation sees itself as completely different from the previous one, but in the end is about the same.
If I look at my life, I believe that I have been wrong many times.
The same will happen to you when you get older. Live and make mistakes. This is life.
Do not argue that you are capable of being perfect – it is not real.
Strengthen your spirit, your qualities, so that when a test happens, you find the strength to accept it like a real man.
Do not let yourself be fooled by obvious facts and ringing phrases.
Travel countries, explore the world, meet people, do something that fascinates you, give a heart, be bold, but do it with enthusiasm.
The most important thing is to live life with taste.
Perhaps there is more than one life waiting for you. But to get them, you need to spend this life entirely. Take everything you can from life.
Fear colorless fate.

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