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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Five Tips For Getting Ahead

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Five Tips For Getting Ahead

Today saw the surprise release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the mobile game from Niantics in the same style as Pokémon GO. And, if the trends are anything to go by, if this is the first you’re reading about this, I’d be really surprised.

That said, there are a lot of people playing right now, and almost all of them are looking for hints and tips for getting ahead. Luckily for you, we’ve got five of the best ones right here.

Download All The Assets

This game will eat through 3 MB of data just loading a Hungarian Horntail dragon, and you’re going to load a lot of Hungarian Horntail dragons in Wizards Unite. This is a massive game, with lots of 3D objects all interacting with each other in real time. It comes across as relatively simple, but it has a lot of assets to load to be able to fight boggarts.

To combat this, clear some space on your phone and get ready to download the game’s assets over WiFi. The majority of the game’s models, sprites and sounds are usually loaded as you play, from an online server. Now, they’ll all be on your phone.

Get the job done by going to Suitcase > Settings > Download All Assets. This will initiate a massive download of roughly 2300 assets, clocking in ar about 2.2 GB in size. With that in mind, make sure you only download these assets via wifi

Inn Types: Learn Them And Love Them

Inns are essentially Pokéstops from Pokémon GO: places on the map where players receive energy and little bonus gifts. Simply get within range and tap the brown, pink, blue, green and purple houses to enter. Once you’re inside, you’ll complete a short spell and receive Spell Energy, which is one of the primary resources in this game.

A small tip: inns correspond to real-world locations, such as parks and various landmarks. Try to visit a balance of different colored inns, to get a wider range of benefits:

  • Brown: tomato soup, tea set, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, pumpkin juice, fish and chips, Honeyduke’s Chocolate Bar
  • Purple: tomato soup, bangers and mash, Butterbeer
  • Pink: tea set, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, pumpkin juice, violet pudding
  • Green: tea set, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, pumpkin juice, fish and chips, Honeyduke’s Chocolate Bar, turkey dinner
  • Blue: tea set, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, pumpkin juice, fish and chips, Honeyduke’s Chocolate Bar, Butterbeer

Dark Detectors

If inns are the wizarding world’s Pokéstops, Dark Detectors are the Rowlingverse’s version of lures. Acquire a dark detector. Place it at an inn and you’ll be able to find rare traces (opportunities to fight monsters in locations nearby that wouldn’t show any, usually). You and other players can even stack them together reveal severe and emergency-level Foundables.

But how to get these dark detectors? Well, the good news is, you’ll start with one. But that’s all Niantic will give you for free. From there, you’ve got to pay 120 galleons a pop to buy them at the in-game store. Pop open your briefcase, open the shopping cart, and get to shopping for more of these tasty dark treats.

30 Spell Energy At All Times

This is a pretty simple one. Spell energy is the game’s most precious resource. Run out of it, and your spells will be rendered completely useless until you find more.

A good rule of thumb is to always keep at least 30 spell energy on you at all times. This works well for keeping you in the fight, and will help you avoid any nasty surprises.

Choose Your Profession Carefully

Once you’ve leveled up far enough, Wizards Unite allows you to unlock a Profession for your character. This gives you access to perks and abilities that improve your battle readiness, making you more useful in a team and on your own.


Other than the fact that this profession takes its leads from Harry Potter himself, Aurors are cool in that they specialize in magical combat. These players focus on combat strength and damage, making the role perfect for frontline fighters.

This has the lowest stamina of any profession, but the highest power and more critical hits. Take this profession if you want to do more damage than your friends. You’ll do more damage to Dark Forces enemies, but keep an eye out for Beast enemies, who will do more damage.


Hagrid takes the lead in this profession, with magizoologists typically being aligned with care for creatures and their fellow humans. Defensive healers who prefer to contribute by with spells that help the team fit well into this group. As a final note, they also have the highest stamina of any class and are strong against Beast enemies, but weak against Curiosities.


Our last group takes its lead from McGonagle, which is appropriate because surely by this stage she must be the oldest living professor at this school. Professors are extremely versatile players, with spells focused on buffing and debuffing, as necessary. This support class balances power and defensiveness and is a robust play option. Professors are more effective against Curiosities, but take additional Dark Force damage.

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