6 Awesome Camping Hacks Explained

Typically, with anything in life, the more we do it, the better we get at it. For those of us who camp, for example, the first time you went out, you probably brought way too much stuff to the campsite. It’s a simple fact of life and part of the learning process.

Now, graduating from the novice camper to the expert, we can give away some of the top secrets for making camping better, easier, and way more enjoyable.

Six Camping Hacks

Leave Your Tent at Home. Bring a Tarp.

This reduces the weight you’re hauling to the campsite. In most areas, this only applies to the warm months, but if in the south, that can change to all-year-round.

Drape your tarp over a frame and tie it down using stakes. If the eyelets are not large enough, use some rope to tie the tent to the stake. Use something of weight. Small rocks work well in order to keep your tent in place.

Altoid Containers Are Your Friend.

So many items can be stored in these little tins. They also double as a camp light: just roll up wax-soaked cardboard and light on fire.

Pack The Baby Powder.

The worst thing in life is having wet feet. Well, maybe not the worst but, for a camper, it’s pretty annoying. Just sprinkle a little baby powder on your feet and they’ll be whistling dixie again.

Cook Over A Campfire.

Leave the cookware at home, where it belongs. Use nature for this one, digging a hole with a small tunnel for airflow. Once your fire is ready, make sure to keep it stoked and maintain the flow of oxygen. Once you’re finished cooking, make sure to extinguish the campfire fully and take care of any harmful wood or coals for future campfires.

Liquid Soap and Cotton Balls for Tick Removal.

You want to avoid lyme disease by any means necessary. Not removing a tick within 24 hours can, unfortunately, cause Lyme Disease, making you extremely sick. With treatment and possible complications for this disease being what they are, it’s just not worth the risk.

To get a tick off, soak a cotton ball in liquid soap and hold against the tick on the skin. Within a few minutes, the tick should let go naturally.

Hate Mosquitoes? Burn Sage.

Maybe the easiest of all, this trick works wonders for getting rid of those pesky little bloodsuckers. Throw some sage into the campfire and watch them run for the hills.

If only it was this easy all the time.

Time To Hit The Wild Outdoors

Enjoy your camping time this December, be safe, and remember to never leave any litter behind. There’s a reason we love getting out into the great outdoors once in a while, and that’s because we love how natural and unsoiled they are. Keep nature clean, and always leave a campsite the way you’d wish you could find it
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